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 Matches played

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PostSubject: Matches played   Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:34 pm

The list below is out of date as I haven't been bothering to add our numerous other victories since the ones listed below, and we still haven't lost a match.

I think this is pretty much an unbeaten record, especially given that we never use GM in matches.

Completed Matches


71239 vs BIA
72241 vs QMR
75836 vs KotR
79596 vs QMR
81341 vs The Black Hand
82249 vs CWOB
86009 vs GST
90817 vs The Unnamed
144895 vs Ordo fratrum domus Sanctae Mariae Teutonicorum Ierosolimitanorum



2011 Tournament Game Wins (including our joint team Quantum)

vs Pantheon
vs Apocalypse Now
vs Borgkollektiv
vs The Conquerors
vs Lords of War
vs Chaos Reigns
vs Barba Negras Generale
vs Semper Audax
(Quantum vs SPECTRE)
vs GST
vs ACB (2011 Tournament Final)

2011 Tournament Game Losses

(Quantum vs SPECTRE)
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Matches played
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